Subscription discount. Subscription pop-up window

Subscription discount. Subscription pop-up window

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1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

2 300 rub.

A convenient and original solution for motivating site visitors to subscribe to the newsletter. After the specified time interval, a pop-up window is displayed to the user of your site, offering to subscribe (enter an e-mail) and providing a discount. The window design is presented in 2 templates and each in 7 color variations: blue (the default theme), green, red, yellow, orange, black, purple. You can easily choose a color that matches your site to your liking. In addition, because the modal window is implemented as a standard component, so its template is easy to copy and stylistically arrange according to your preference.

The component is not deprived of such an important point as"Consent to the processing of personal data".

The content contained in the modal window is easily set in the component parameters.

After subscribing to the email, you receive an email with a discount coupon. To implement the coupons, the standard coupons of the shopping cart rules are used. Therefore, you can provide any discount for any logic. For example, you can provide a fixed discount, or as a percentage ( % ), provide a discount on specific products or products of specific categories...

More about the module:

Important technical points:

  • The solution uses the jquery, ajax and js libraries from 1c-Bitrix"popup". If the library data is not enabled on the site, then you need to enable it in the component settings.
  • This module is developed using api D7.
  • Minimum technical requirements for the product from version 14.0 (with the D7 core):
  • PHP version 5.6.
  • MySQL version 5.

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