Pop-up draw windows. Popular System Notification Modal Windows


Pop-up draw windows. Popular System Notification Modal Windows

The promotion is valid until 31.12.2021

Suitable editions 1C-Bitrix:

first site



small business



corporate portal


1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

2 000 rub.

2 500 rub.

With this solution, it is easy to prank a visitor to your site.

The component included in the module can be placed on the pages you are interested in and select the appropriate modal window template. Windows are implemented in the form of common system notifications.

The following simulations are currently available:

  • Firefox Update Requirement;
  • Google Chrome Update Requirement;
  • Opera Update Requirement;
  • Safari Update Requirement;
  • Dialog message of the popular social network Vkontakte;
  • Virus detected;
  • Internet connection error;
  • Windows operating system firewall error.
Using the parameters, it is easy to place windows in the following positions on the screen:

  • In the center
  • Bottom left
  • Top Left
  • Top right
  • Bottom right
Important techs. moments:
  • The component uses the jquery, ajax, and js libraries from 1c-Bitrix popup. If the library data is not enabled on the site, then you need to enable it in the component settings.
  • The component does not determine which browser or operating system the user currently has, and the templates are specified explicitly when placing the component on the page.
  • The component cannot be used more than once on the same page.
  • At the moment, modal windows do not perform any actions, they are only imitations. It is only possible to set the address to which the user should be redirected when a particular button is clicked, depending on the template.
  • For the module to work correctly, it is necessary that all the latest updates of the 1c-Bitrix modules are installed on the site and the test "Settings -> Tools -> System Check" should not return errors.

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