Discount for registration

Discount for registration

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small business


1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

3 000 rub.

With this solution, you can give discounts to users for registration, as well as motivate site visitors using a pop-up window.

The module allows you to automatically generate a coupon (rules for working with the shopping cart) at the time of adding a new user to the site. The generated coupon is sent to the email address specified during registration. The coupon is entered on the shopping cart page, which will allow the user to get the appropriate discount, depending on what rule of working with the shopping cart is set in the settings of the module for generating the coupon.

An example of the operation of such a module can be seen on many popular Internet resources. But now you do not need to develop such a thing yourself, we have already done it for you, you just need to install the module, set the basic settings and the module is ready to work.

To configure the discounts themselves (rules) we did not"reinvent the wheel". To do this, use the standard rules for working with the bucket, which have a number of flexible settings. This means that there are no problems in providing discounts in rubles or as a percentage. Moreover, if you want, you can only offer discounts on individual products, or products from certain sections, or, for example, a certain color, if you have such characteristics, etc.

The module also includes a very useful component that allows you to display a pop-up (modal) window with a registration offer, where you need to enter the user's name and email address in order to register and receive a coupon. This window can be configured to exit only after a specified time after the user enters the site. And there are also some other interesting settings.

scoder.modalcoupon discounts.png

The modal window works according to the following principle:

When an unauthorized user visits the site, after the specified time (the number of seconds specified in the settings), a window is automatically displayed to him with a suggestion to enter his email, his name, and you can also turn on the phone. If the user enters and sends a request, the modal window is no longer displayed to him (of course, if the browser cookie is not reset).

If the user closes the window without registering, the window is displayed next time only after, for example, 20 minutes (1200 seconds) (the number of seconds is specified in the settings). At the same time, an icon will be displayed in the lower left corner, when you click it, the user can always register and get a coupon for the discount that you have set up.

The component currently has 10 color themes: blue (default), red, green, yellow, black, orange, purple, pink, gray, and white.

The texts of the pop-up window are easily editable and can be set as you wish. In addition, since it is a component, it is easy to copy its template into your site space and change the design and style.

scoder.modalcoupon sales growth.png

Interesting techniques

The modal window can be applied not only for discounts. The very fact of discounts can be excluded, if this is really required. To do this, you just need to make the created discount inactive (the bucket rule) and deactivate the mail event template.

The module generates a discount for registration regardless of the modal window, so if you do not need to place a pop-up window, but only need to give a discount when registering a user in any way, then the module will also work.

Articles about the module:

Important innovations:

  • in the modal window component, the ability to display consent to the processing of personal data has been added;

  • in the modal window component, the ability to output the phone and captcha fields

  • is added: composite support is added.
Important technical points:

  • This module is developed using api D7.
  • Minimum technical requirements for the product from version 14.0 (with D7 core):
  • PHP version 5.6.
  • MySQL version 5.

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