This is a corporate portal for your company. In other words, an internal information resource management system for collective work on tasks, projects, and documents, and for effective internal communications.

You get a complete set of tools for organizing your work, which will improve the return on employees. Therefore, CRM implementation is one of the key directions in the development of the corporate portal.

Bitrix24 features

- live feed. It includes the following functions: messaging, live feed instead of mail, thanks, notifications, ads, photo galleries, etc.;

- tasks and projects. Helps the managers to monitor the execution of tasks;

- chat and video calls. Communicate with colleagues in a business chat;

-documents online. Ability to share access to viewing and editing documents;

- calendars. Planning meetings and meetings;

- Bitrix24 Mail. Connecting free mailboxes with no volume restrictions with antivirus and anti-spam;

- CRM-customer relationship management system;

- bells. Receive and distribute incoming calls between employees, etc.

- HR personnel Management. A convenient way for managers to communicate with their subordinates;

- integration with social networks. The ability to link your Bitrix24 with your social media profile. You can access the portal with a username and password from the social network;

- safety and reliability. This is a secure collaboration product. The data will be securely stored, and only the owner will have access to it in accordance with the user rights system.The product provides maximum protection against a wide variety of security threats.

Why does your company need a corporate portal?

  • Save your working time
  • Increase the effectiveness of your employees
  • Optimize your business processes
  • Provide control and manageability
  • Improve the quality of management decisions
  • Achieve business efficiency

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