Composite site

Being always the first and more successful than the competition is what every company strives for. This dream is feasible and a composite website will help You do it.

Composite site is a technology to speed Up your site, which reduces the site response time by hundreds of times! The speed of the site response is the main component of the site, because if Your site is slow, then: 

  • search engines do not rank slow sites well
  • you will lose competitiveness
  • customers will not want to wait and go to another site

At a time when an online store slows down due to a large amount of traffic, more than 75% of online buyers prefer to go to a competitor. Work on movement also plays a role.

Using technology that allows you to optimize your site on Bitrix can be a key advantage for online businesses and help them stand out from the competition.

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Why is it profitable?

  • Site response is 100 times faster
  • Better rankings in Google and Yandex
  • A significant increase of conversion rate online store

How does it work?

  • The page is divided into two components: static and dynamic
  • The static part is cached and displayed instantly.
  • The dynamic part is loaded in the background and cached in the user's browser.

Any website on the 1C-Bitrix platform:Site management can be developed using composite technology, which allows it to be implemented both on a new site during development and on a working one.Call us! And write! Call: 8(987)700-54-78, e-mail - We are ready to provide convenient and high-speed hosting with configuration and technical support.