Sales Quotation Generator (SKU)

Sales Quotation Generator (SKU)

Suitable editions 1C-Bitrix:

small business


1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

Bitrix24 in a box - Corporate portal

Bitrix24 in a box - Enterprise

3 000 rub.

The module is used to automatically generate sales offers based on the values of the properties of the parent product.

Important! This software product is an additional extension of the Tools, Collections, Group Actions / Cross-selling module and does not work without it.

Module functionality:

Based on several values of the same or different properties of the base product, trading offers for this product are automatically created.

Each value of the product property (from the catalog) corresponds to the value of the property of the trade offer. These values are identified by the XML_ID. Supported properties of the Directory type (S: directory). (The plans include support for List (L) type properties) )

Important! The values of the selected property for trade offers are not created by the module. You need to create them yourself, so that each value of the selected catalog properties corresponds to the values of the selected property for the sales offers. If the value of a product property does not have an equivalent value in the product offer property, the offer is not generated.

It is more convenient to deal with properties of the Reference type if all properties are linked to a single reference (Highload block).


All of the above may be intuitively incomprehensible, so it is more clear how it works, using an example: )

The product (from the Catalog info block) has properties and values selected.

  • Property (1) Color_1 = White

  • Property (2) Color_2 = blue

  • ...

  • Property (N) Color_n = Red

The trade offers (from the information block of Trade Offers) have a property created:

COLOR with available values: white, blue, ... red.


  • Color_1. white.XML_ID = COLOR.white.XML_ID (i.e., the XML_ID of the corresponding directory values are the same)

  • =

  • ...

  • Colour_3. red.XML_ID = COLOR. red.XML_ID

As a result, at the time of creating/editing the product, N sales offers of this product will be created. You will get a product with trading offers.

Пример использования генератора SKU

The equivalence of the product info block property to the product offer info block property is conveniently configured using a special profile interface that becomes available after the module is installed. You can create multiple profiles, for example, for different directories or different properties. There should be only one profile for the same property of trade offers.

The reindexing mechanism is also available on the profile editing page. During reindexing, trading offers are generated for all products of the selected infoblock according to the settings of this profile.

Настройки профиля генератора SKU

At the moment, one type of generator is available, which we called Solo, because many properties of products correspond to one property of trade offers. We are sure there are others. We look forward to new offers and are open to them...

Generation features:

  • For trade offers, prices and available quantities are taken from the parent product.

  • The names of the trade offers are taken from the names of the products.


1) Uniqueness.

2) Information support:
3) Technical support: communication directly with developers, without managers.

Any other questions? Then contact us in any convenient way.

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