Tools, Collections, Group Activities/Cross Sales/Similar Items/Accessories

Tools, Collections, Group Activities/Cross Sales/Similar Items/Accessories

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7 000 rub.

Tools are not just a module , they are a whole set of solutions to various tasks. This module is designed to automate many processes on the site and make the work of developers, site owners, marketers, SEO specialists and other specialists more convenient and attractive, i.e. get rid of routine work.


With the help of the module can easily solve many painful problems encountered in the development and operation of sites.

The functionality of the project is developed and continues to evolve experientially. Our specialists actively use the module when implementing or technically supporting Web projects of our customers.

The module will not only greatly simplify the work of specialists, but if used properly, it will also increase sales. Creation of landing pages with the help of "COLLECTION MECHANISM", implementation of "Cross-Selling" (similar, recommended products and accessories) will undoubtedly increase the average bill of the online store.

коллекции групповые действия

!!!It is important to understand that the module is an "INSTRUMENT" and not a "PANACE". As with all tools, you need to know how to use it. More technical details are described in the documentation.

Module functionality.

I. The collections mechanism is the main functionality of the module. It allows you to perform many group actions on the elements of the infoblocks and solve the corresponding problems:

  • Binding a set of elements to sections of an infoblock.

  • Cross-Sell action.

  • The group action "Detach from sections of the infoblock".

  • The group action "Move to section".

  • Group editing of properties.

  • Group editing of property values with macro substitution.

  • Group editing of properties and writing a preset filter array to them.

  • Step-by-step deletion of the elements of the information block according to the selection.

  • Step-by-step fulfillment of any PHP actions over the elements of the information block according to a sample.

The mechanism is implemented through profiles and it is possible to set up an automatic launch using an agent or cron.


This allows you to solve problems such as:

II. Advanced Menu Items. Based on the standard component bitrix:menu.sections. Added the ability to set your own filter and use additional fields and custom section fields, which will undoubtedly be useful in the menu.

расширенное меню

III. Popularity of goods by the number of created orders. This is an auxiliary functionality, when this option is enabled, a service property is created in the trade catalog and a count of how many times each product has been in an order is performed. This property can be used in the public part, for example, in sorting goods "by popularity". (The functionality does not take into account orders that have already been created)

IV. Product Popularity by Number of Paid Orders. Similar to the "Popularity of items by number of created orders" functionality, except that counting is performed on fully paid orders.  (The functionality does not take into account orders that have already been created)

V. Automatic saving of the minimum and maximum price. Saves the prices in the service properties of the goods "Minimum price" and "Maximum price" in the base currency. Prices are updated once a day, according to the saved rates on the website (you can change the periodicity, it is performed by a standard agent).
Duplication of the available quantity in the product properties.

VI. Mechanism of infoblocks synchronization.
Allows you to copy infoblocks with existing properties, sections and elements. PROCESS AUTOMATIZATION: when adding/changing the properties, elements, sections of the parent infoblock, there are automatically changes in the child infoblock.

Read more in the instructions.


Implementation of blocks of recommended, complementary or similar products in the detailed product card.

VIII. *Automatic generation of trade offers.

Attention! For this feature you will need an additional module Trade Proposal Generator (SKU).


1) Convenient standard filter for selecting infoblock items.

2) Information support:

3) Technical support: communication directly with the developers, without managers.

Any questions? Then contact us in any way that is convenient for you.

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