Automatically generate partitions from property values

Automatically generate partitions from property values

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A simple and easy-to-use module "Sections/ sections from properties".

A solution that allows you to create sections from the values of the properties of the data block elements. The module is easy to use, if you decide to make your work easier — this solution is just for you.
The solution supports data block properties such as "String" (S), "List" (L), "Directory"(S:directory), Binding to elements (E), Binding to sections (G).

The solution is very useful for Seo specialists who need to create unique, beautiful URLs from property values. The module was created for this purpose.

For example, the Adidas brand filter has the page address (URL) /catalog/#SECTION_CODE/filter/brand-adidas/. Since the module automatically creates sections (subsections) from the values of the necessary properties, you can get the following URLs:
/catalog/#SECTION_CODE/adidas/ or /catalog/adidas/, depends on the CNC settings of your complex component. And another huge plus, since these are the sections of the infoblock, all the standard Seo tools of the sections are available by default.

Go to the module settings and select the info block property (brand, promotions, new items, color, size, etc.). Then reindex it. Also note that if you have selected the properties of the information block that you need and will only work with them in the future, then you do not need to re-index, then everything will be done automatically. Reindexing will need to be performed next time, only if you have selected new properties of the infobox.

After installing the solution and reindexing it, you will see the subsections you have created in the menu on the left.

A striking example of this solution is the organization of subsections of brands. For example:

  • Amity
  • Adidas
  • DFC
Elliptical exercise machines
  • Amity
  • DFC

In this case, there is a huge plus, because these will be sections of the infoblock, then you can form good URLs and the entire set of SEO tools of the section is available.

Also organization of subsections by shoe size:

Women's shoes
  • 35 size
  • 36 size
  • 37 size
  • 38 size
  • 39 size

Men's shoes
  • 39 size
  • 40 size
  • 41 size
  • 42 size
  • 43 size
And for example the organization of subsections by clothing styles:

Women's Clothing
  • Military
  • Classic
  • Sport
  • Safari

Men's Clothing
  • Sport
  • Military
  • Classic
  • ...
The SKU is not currently supported, and partitions are created in the info block that the property belongs to. We do not stop there, we will continue to develop and update the module.

Instructions for configuring the module

When reindexing, the products are linked to the sections created from the property values, but they will also remain linked to their old sections. In other words, there is a multiple binding of one product to several sections. Therefore, if there is a need for the product to respond only to one URL address, you need to configure support for canonical links. Read more about this in the documentation: The main element section and support for canonical links.

Sections are searched by the name of the property value, i.e. the name of the property value is equivalent to the name of the section being created/edited.

Attention! This module is developed using api D7.
Minimum technical requirements for the product from version 14.0 (with D7 core):
  • PHP version 5.3.
  • MySQL version 5.

For the module to work correctly, it is necessary that all the latest updates of the 1c-Bitrix modules are installed on the site and the test "Settings -> Tools -> System Check" should not return errors.

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