Designer letter Words for photo shoots and interior

Designer letter Words for photo shoots and interior

Suitable editions 1C-Bitrix:

small business


12 000 rub.

A module for studios and production companies engaged in the development of three-dimensional letters made of various materials: wood, PVC, plywood, etc.

The designer allows you to visually demonstrate the final product for customers, i.e. what phrase they will eventually receive and how it will look.

With the help of the module, it is convenient to pre-lay the available materials, fonts, as well as additional options, such as: coating with varnish or paint. In addition, you can specify the form in which the phrase should be executed, make the phrase a single whole (a fused connection) , or execute each letter separately

The price of the product is determined by the machine, taking into account the price per square meter of material specified by you, as well as taking into account the markup for additional options. The resulting result can be put in the shopping cart and place an order.

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