CNC user list

CNC user list

Suitable editions 1C-Bitrix:

first site



small business



1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

Bitrix24 in a box - Corporate portal

Bitrix24 in a box - Enterprise

1 000 rub.

The solution is a great helper for those who have decided to create their own bulletin board, freelancers 'site, builders' site, etc. For sites where one way or another you need to display information on users.

We have repeatedly developed sites or met other sites where this issue was solved by duplicating information on users in the elements of the infoblock and already on the basis of the infoblock we displayed all the information. Now there is no need for duplication.

The module contains a number of components, including a comprehensive one that allows you to display a list of users and a detailed card for a user directly from the user database. These components have many parameters and can be flexibly configured. For example, you can easily set a list of displayed fields.

The integrated component supports the CNC. The macros #LOGIN# (login), #ID# (User ID) are available.

For the module to work correctly, it is necessary that all the latest updates of the 1c-Bitrix modules are installed on the site and the test "Settings -> Tools -> System Check" should not return errors.

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