Step-by-step deletion of infoblock elements

Step-by-step deletion of infoblock elements

Suitable editions 1C-Bitrix:

first site



small business



corporate portal


1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

Bitrix24 in a box - Corporate portal

Bitrix24 in a box - Enterprise

1 000 rub.

This module allows you to remove all the elements of the information block step by step. The solution is indispensable if you have to work with a large amount of data, especially at the stage of development, debugging the site, when for one reason or another the data was not loaded correctly. Suitable for a site on any edition of 1C-Bitrix.

Attention! This module is developed using api D7.
Minimum technical requirements for the product from version 14.0 (with the D7 core):

  • PHP version 5.3.
  • MySQL version 5.

For the module to work correctly, it is necessary that all the latest updates of the 1c-Bitrix modules are installed on the site and the test "Settings -> Tools -> System Check" should not return errors.

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