Notifications/Birthday Discounts

Notifications/Birthday Discounts

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3 000 rub.

Often, site owners want to congratulate their users, customers on their birthday, and notify them in advance about upcoming promotions and discounts waiting for the birthday boy. This module is designed to solve this type of problem.
If you already have a lot of users on your site or you have a lot of customers in Bitrix24 CRM, and have not yet thought about their congratulations, then it's time to think about it. This module is perfect for you. We are sure that every person will be pleased if they are congratulated on one of the main holidays of their life, and even more so if they are offered a gift in the form of a discount coupon...

The "Birthday Notifications" solution allows you to send messages to the e-mail addresses of site users, as well as to all e-mail addresses of contacts and leads in Bitrix24 CRM automatically. With the help of the module options, you can configure sending messages on the birthday, a few days before the birthday, as well as after the user's birthday. Which is a huge plus, because you can notify your customers in advance about upcoming promotions and events. A nice bonus is also that the module includes a component that displays the nearest birthdays relative to the current date.

Developers are not left without attention: they have event handlers that, if necessary, allow them to solve tasks of different plans, such as changing priority data before sending a message, or calling additional events. Read more about this in the documentation.
Although the solution itself sends a greeting to an e-mail, but it can serve as a good help for solving a number of other tasks. For example, sending SMS messages on a birthday, launching business processes, etc., there are countless cases(don't get me wrong, this is not the case, but using the module's capabilities, it is easy to refine). Such moments can be easily executed by developers using the module's event handlers.

For the lucky owners of the 1C-Bitrix module "Online Store" (edition "Small Business" or "Business"), the opportunity to give discounts is available. With the help of the module, you can give discounts to birthday parties using a coupon. With the appropriate settings, a coupon is generated, which can be sent in a letter (the #COUPON # macro is available in mail templates). Since the feature of the module is the ability to send letters not only on the birthday itself, but also for a specified number of days before or after the birthday, you can use discount coupons to attract users repeatedly...

Do you still have questions or doubts? We recommend reading the articles about the module:

Important technical points:

  • The birthday is taken from the date of birth (PERSONAL_BIRTHDAY) of the user, messages are sent to the e-mail specified in the user's EMAIL field;
  • This module is developed using api D7 Minimum technical requirements for the product from version 14.0 (with the D7 core):
  • PHP version 5.6.
  • MySQL version 5.
  • For the module to work correctly, it is necessary that all the latest updates of the 1c-Bitrix modules are installed on the site and the test "Settings -> Tools -> System Check" should not return errors.

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