Discount coupon for an arbitrary postal event

Discount coupon for an arbitrary postal event

Suitable editions 1C-Bitrix:

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corporate portal


1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

Bitrix24 in a box - Corporate portal

Bitrix24 in a box - Enterprise

3 000 rub.

On the site, various actions are accompanied by mail events, site visitors receive messages by e-mail.

For example, this:

  • Confirmation of the subscription;
  • Registration on the site;
  • Creating an order and changing its statuses;
  • Order cancellation;
  • Publishing product reviews;
  • Publish articles in a blog, in a forum, and much more.


Mail events have not only native 1C-Bitrix modules, but also many modules and ready-made solutions from the Marketplace.

Why not use them?

Some of the events can be used for additional motivation of buyers. For example, it would be great to generate a discount coupon when you cancel an order.

Together with the standard letter "that you are sorry that the buyer canceled his order", attach a personal offer – a promo code for 15% or, say, 300 rubles, or offer free delivery. It is likely that this is what will make him change his mind and come back to you.

A similar approach can serve as a good incentive for registering visitors or subscribing to the site


These are just some common examples.

Everyone loves discounts, few people refuse the opportunity to get additional benefits.

The module is convenient to use. Through a special program interface specifies the type of the required mailbox event rule with a basket (this is standard functionality) and the type of coupon (one point of order, in order to reusable). In the mail templates of the selected mail event, specify a special variable (macro) #SC_COUPON# in the desired location, and the visitor will receive a discount coupon automatically at the right time.


This module has an addition-the "Coupon for ordering and changing statuses" module, which will significantly expand and decorate the standard mail event templates of the online store module, such as" new order"," payment reminder"," delivery allowed " and others.


1) Uniqueness.

2) Versatility.

3) Technical support: communication directly with developers, without managers.

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