Buy more - pay less. Incremental discounts

Buy more - pay less. Incremental discounts

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Buy more - pay less— a module that allows you to implement non-standard, but very popular promotional programs.

Creating this module, our team used only the best sales marketing techniques that were successfully tested in practice to attract new customers and increase sales.

All representatives of small, medium and large businesses know that the fight for the client is always conducted at the level of "seduction": the more profitable the offer, the more discounts or attractive the gift, the higher the chances of closing the deal. Interesting promotions will help to highlight the online store of their gray mass and MOTIVATE customers to make a purchase, and, as a result, increase the average receipt and profit.

This module is an additional extension to the module Arbitrary PHP condition of the rules for working with the bucket, without which it does not work. But by installing both, you get a great tandem, in which the consumer just clicks on the word "Buy" under the selected product, sends it to the shopping cart, where the discount is automatically enabled as soon as the promotion conditions are met.

The functionality of the module

Ability to set different discounts based on the number of items (products) in the shopping cart. The module has a wide range of settings that will allow you to easily implement the following marketing techniques.

I. Incremental discounts: each product in the cart has its own discount

Нарастающие скидки: каждый продукт в корзине имеет свою скидку

II. Alternating discounts:

  • every 2nd product as a gift, for Example: 0-3%-0-3% , etc.

  • every 3rd product as a gift.. For example: 0-0-5%-0-0-5% etc..

Чередующиеся скидки:

III. The item as a gift, a "FREEBIE". )


  • 2 for the price of one, 3 for the price of two

  • buy 2 mugs and 3 as a gift; This is a well-known promotion 1 + 1 => 3

  • when buying 3 servings of roll, 4 as a gift. 1 + 1 + 1 => 4

 Товар в подарок, «ХАЛЯВА»

IV. Increasing the size of the discount — MEGASITE. The discount increases for the last product, and the previous ones are canceled.

The main difference between this method is that the discount remains only for the last product, with the addition of new products, the discount on the previous ones disappears.

Увеличивающаяся величина скидки — МЕГАСКИДКА

V. Discount on the cheapest (expensive) product.

Скидка на самый дешёвый (дорогой) товар


1) it Has an impressive set of additional settings.

2) the ability to set discounts as a percentage or fixed.

3) Setting the direction of counting positions and applying discounts to them:

  • in descending order of price;

  • in ascending order of price;

  • to minimize discounts;

  • to maximize the discount.

  • ascending ID,

  • descending ID

4) Restrictions on products participating in the promotion for a variety of parameters:

  • sections;

  • fields;

  • properties.


1) Uniqueness.

2) Information support:

3) Technical support: communicate directly with developers, without managers.

Any other questions? Then contact us in any convenient way.

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