Integration with 1С

Картинки по запросу интеграция 1с 
Integration with 1C is a convenient way to conduct business on the Internet. 
Properly configured synchronization of site data with trade configurations based on 1C-Enterprise allows you to solve problems:

  • Publication of product nomenclature in the online store catalog
  • Transfer of orders on the site to the 1C database for processing
  • Uploading results to the site to notify customers
  • Data exchange with 1C is supported in the following versions of 1C-Bitrix:The management of the site, starting with version 6.5:
               - Small business
               - Business

Brief description

1C products:Enterprise 8.2 and 1C-Bitrix: site Management are delivered with built-in interaction procedures and support for bidirectional data exchange with 1C:Company». This forms a ready-made solution for setting up exchange with 1C, automating trade, including creating corporate websites and organizing sales on the Internet.

   The interaction of 1C and 1C-Bitrix products is implemented on the basis of bidirectional data exchange procedures. It is performed using the XML-based open standard for the exchange of commercial information-CommerceML 2.0.

Картинки по запросу интеграция 1с

Integration with 1C»

Natural out-of-the-box integration. You do not need to purchase additional modules or configurations for implementation. Buying 1C: trade Management and 1C-Bitrix: site Management, you immediately have the necessary set of functions.

Wide range of functions. We have provided for automation of a large number of tasks facing the online store, as well as several different business models of functional blocks. Integration modules contain many settings, which almost always allows you to adapt to the company's business processes.

Easy setup. To ensure integration, you don't need to have special knowledge in programming or web technologies. The settings are simple and clear for a user who has General computer skills and basic knowledge of 1C and 1C-Bitrix products.

Ability to work automatically on a schedule. The integration functionality can work unnoticed by employees, freeing them from routine operations.

Security. No site security threats can threaten the security of your data in 1C.

Performance. An online store can work with a huge number of users.At the same time, many of them can work with the product catalog and order goods.

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Real-time exchange with 1C.

Real-time exchange with 1C is a two-way continuous communication technology between 1C-Bitrix: site Management and 1C. The system provides real-time data exchange between these software products. It does not require the installation of a separate server and special settings and works on almost any hardware, minimally loading the online store and 1C.

You can get information in real time:

  • from the 1C database to the online store-about products, prices, and order balances;
  • from the store to the 1C program - by orders, statuses, payment systems, customers, contractors.

Continuous release of updates

Among the latest improvements: optimization of loading/unloading, implementation of multi-channel interaction with the client, full exchange of orders and contractors, and much more. We also provide technical support services for websites. Please contact one of our specialists – Or call by phone.: 8(987)700-54-78.