TUTIS - internet showcase of baby carriages


Tutis.ru – this is an online showcase of baby strollers with the likely possibility of drawing up an application and further implementation. The site offers a diverse range of models of strollers with exclusive design and unique technologies. We offer services for creating websites and this is one of the examples of our work.

The high detail of the images of the presented products makes it possible to consider the product down to the smallest details. This aspect is especially important, because sometimes the choice of baby strollers is due to their reliable design features, which can be noticed only with a detailed review.

The main page is designed in such a way that even an inexperienced user or a casual visitor to the site can easily navigate and find the desired product. For those who are in doubt about choosing a model, there is a virtual consultant who will help you answer all your questions and, possibly, decide on a future purchase.

Also below is information about the company, production technologies, which has a positive effect on the company's reputation. The colorful and moderately concise design of the site, along with the maximum information content and content, gives an absolutely win-win combination for the successful functioning of the site on the Internet.
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