Cover Print - phone case maker


Description: – online store for the sale of phone cases with the ability to choose customers from ready-made models, or with the preparation and order of a unique product, using the imagination and based on their preferences and desires.

For such purposes, a designer for modeling the cover pattern was developed with the help of a graphic editor, which contains all the necessary conditions and parameters for creating an individual sample of the product.

If at any stage of the preparation and modeling of the image there are some difficulties, then an absolute helper will be a detailed instruction on creating a cover layout, which is located in close proximity to the user's eyes. At the same time, the image designer is designed in such a way that it is easy and fast to use, the control panel is clear, and graphic designations are widely distributed among ordinary people, so they are simple and do not require additional decoding.
The following features are implemented:

  • selection of the manufacturer (name of the company, company);
  • model selection (a specific phone model, indicated by a code or article number);
  • color selection;
  • facebook instagram, vkontakte, facebook, and other social networks can be used to upload images and photos from your computer or from social networks.);
  • the ability to add text with the creation of a text style using the font, size, color of the letter symbols.

Such technological features allow the site as an online sales store to act as a leader against the background of other manufacturers and for a long time to maintain an individual attitude to the client, which will always be relevant and sometimes ultramodern approach to such complex activities as sales.
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