DezCenter ECO - destruction of pests

business card website

Website – this is a business card site that provides services for the destruction of pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, rats and other pests that bring discomfort.

Adaptive layout, which is so important in our time, allows you to easily view the site from any device. Convenient layout of tabs by type of treatment, without difficulty will help you find a service to combat this or that pest. For those who absolutely do not understand how these services are produced, there is a full description that describes the entire process of work.

The design is fully developed in the theme of the company's work, which gives exclusivity and arouses interest among customers. Also, for such a direction of the company, the customer reviews page is very important, because the problem with pests is one of the important problems that we would like to complete successfully and preferably from the first time, so the review section is just very important for this site.

Basic information, such as prices, guarantees, discounts and contacts, you can also easily find on the tabs of the main page. Since the site used to work on a different engine, the page addresses and meta tags were preserved, so that the SEO positions would be preserved. After the launch of the new version, we started promoting it.
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