Animations. Live promotions. Customer motivation

Animations. Live promotions. Customer motivation

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4 000 rub.

This module is a bright way to attract a buyer or reader. Sometimes there is a lack of any dynamics on the pages of the site, so that something attracts the attention of the visitor. Especially during the holidays or during your other domestic sales. This software product is used to perform this task.

This solution is perfect for those who are not afraid to experiment and try new techniques to increase sales, those who just want to entertain or pleasantly surprise the visitor of their site with simple animation.

In a world of ever-increasing competition, where the fight is for every buyer, ordinary stickers and primitive promotions will not surprise anyone. Most people take such promotions for granted and are unlikely to be interested in them, leaving you without another order.

Therefore, we offer a non-standard approach to the submission of promotions or other information on the website and make visitors feel special on your Internet resource with the help of our module "Live Promotions".

This software product contains a number of simple and unobtrusive animations that work according to a specific scenario. This is, for example, to pass the simplest quest, a game.

To summarize, the scenario is as follows:

  • On your site, on the page (s) you need, an interesting and bright animation appears in the form of funny and cute characters, equipment or other items.

  • According to the script, the user needs to perform some primitive task.

  • For successful completion of the task, give a discount (in percent %, fixed, gifts, delivery discount) or instead, you can redirect the visitor to the page you need. This can be a new blog article or any other information you want to share.

And now a little bit about the sad.

!!!Attention: At the time of the module release, we have prepared only 1 animation version.

I. TANK. Horizontal reverse movement of a cartoon tank with a pirate flag on the lower border of the screen, which, of course, must be destroyed.

When you click or hover (specified in the settings) on the tank, it disappears, and the user is given a discount on the original promo code (coupon), or he is simply redirected to the page you need on the site.

II. BALLOONS. (in progress) One by one, inflatable colorful balls appear on the screen and go up, as they should. The visitor's task is to blow them up by simply hovering the mouse pointer over them and get a bonus.

Plans for the development of the module:

  • New animations and motion scenarios.

  • Loading your custom image for the selected motion path (animation type).

  • Motivation to register or subscribe.


  • Uniqueness.
  • Technical support: communication directly with developers, without managers.

Any other questions? Then contact us in any convenient way.

+7 (987) 700-54-78

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