New Year's Pakman. Santa Claus and Wolves

New Year's Pakman. Santa Claus and Wolves

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1C-Bitrix24: Online store + CRM

2 500 rub.

The New Year is probably the brightest holiday of the year. And you need to prepare for it thoroughly.

It has already happened that on the eve of this holiday, customers are offered various kinds of promotions in the form of gifts and discounts on goods.

And what are you ready to surprise with?

We took a more creative approach to this issue and prepared a game about Santa Claus, which will be a good addition to the piggy bank of marketing techniques to motivate visitors to purchase goods or services on your site.

The principle of the game is familiar to many and intuitive. This game is based on the old very popular game Pacman, with minor modifications.

The main feature is that the visitor, playing, earns himself additional bonuses. This can be both discounts and gifts, it can also be an offer of free delivery. To provide discounts, the standard rules for working with the shopping cart are used. In addition, with each level (a set of a certain number of points), it is possible to provide a large discount.

The game will allow the visitor to spend a pleasant time on your site, and on this wave it will be harder for him to give up the earned benefits.

As practice shows (tested on personal experience), such a scheme undoubtedly increases the likelihood of attracting friends, acquaintances, and relatives. And that, as a consequence, an increase in the average check, profit.

Attention! This module is an addition to the Game module in Marketing and SEO and does not work without it.

Important technical points:

  • The game does not work on mobile devices, it is designed to work only on personal computers. This issue will be resolved over time, stay tuned.
  • In the level settings, in the Points column, you must specify a value of at least 10, otherwise the correct operation of the game is not guaranteed.
  • For the module to work correctly, it is necessary that all the latest updates of the 1C-Bitrix modules are installed on the site and the test Settings -> Tools -> System Check should not return errors.
  • The site must have all the latest updates of the Game module in marketing and SEO installed.
  • The component uses jquery and ajax libraries. If the library data is not enabled on the site, then you need to enable it in the component settings.
  • The component cannot be used more than once on the same page.
  • The game does not work when loading images on hold. If modules or plugins for lazy loading of images are connected, then it is necessary to limit the work of the plugin to the page where the game is located.

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