Games in Marketing and SEO

Games in Marketing and SEO

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5 000 rub.

Attention! In connection with the release of a new game, 50% discount on this module.

PLAY is a fundamental activity in human life. The game is as old as humanity. Games from time immemorial are perceived as something serious and attract a huge audience. It has long been clear that games can effectively solve very serious non-game problems. Games have long been in business.

Our team has developed a unique software product that contains some common "folk" games that solve certain marketing and SEO tasks, and the solution is suitable for just taking up your free time (for example, by installing bitrix24 in your box, you will get a good discharge of the mind of the company's employees).

If you think that you have already tried all the ways to motivate customers to purchase a product or for a longer presence of visitors on your site, or you just decided to try something new, then this module will be a great addition to your site.


  1. It's no secret that the behavior of visitors is not the least important for ranking a site in search results. Search engines analyze how long the client has been on the server and what they are interested in. Games will allow the user to" stick " on Your site.

  2. The effect of traditional types of advertising is also falling. Most customers have already developed a "banner blindness", they are no longer motivated by the usual promotions and discounts. But the offer to "play" can still involve the client in active communication.

Give discounts for results in a particular game. Implementation of non-standard product marketing using games is now possible. Intrigue your customers.


  • Random lucky guy. Give a random user the opportunity to play the game, promising a bonus for it. This can be a pop-up window when you log in to the site or a link in the shopping cart leading to the game, or you have implemented a newsletter or much more. Of course, it is possible and not random, and all. If you win, for example, give a 20% discount on all or certain products.

  • Another striking example is to get rid of products that are not in demand. For example, when selling rolls, if you win the game, give 1 or 2 portions of passive demand rolls. The client will be very happy about this.

  • If you are a blogger or the owner of a news site, delay the user of your web resource by placing the game in the sidebar. Don't let him get away :)

Module functionality:

  • Games.
  • Discounts when you win.
  • Games are developed in javascript and do not require installation and additional plugins to work.

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