New products and sales hits. Combo of product collections and stickers. Preparing for Black Friday and the New Year's Sale.

Each site owner, we believe, considers himself obliged to highlight some products. And that's right. For example, it is necessary to highlight the new products received and show them more clearly to the buyer, so that he will pay attention to them accurately. Or another example — products that are in good demand, "Sales Hits". In addition, there may be other examples — "promotional" or "discounted" products, "customer choice", "professional choice", "Black Friday" and much more...

And it's not just about the goods. For example, in a news portal, you can highlight popular articles, paid content, and others. But it will be clearer to describe it on the products.

As a rule, to highlight such product offers, stickers are used (small bright icons with phrases in the product card), or individual blocks on the page, or even individual pages, as well as a combination of everything said.

What is the technical side of the implementation of the above?

We are sure that there are many ways. But here are some examples of techniques that we use in our practice, hoping that they will be liked and useful )

I. Stickers.

To implement stickers, we use properties. This can be a property of products with a single value, for example, " New "with the value "Yes". Or a single property with multiple values "New", "Sale", " Sales Leader»

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Why properties? Properties are very convenient to use in output component templates. Based on these or other values, apply a different style and load the sticker image (an asterisk with a % sign, a circle with a phrase, a square...).

The main point remains. How to assign the values of these properties. It already depends on your requirements for your site. We use and recommend the "Tools, Collections, Group Actions" module. This module will allow you to approach the issue more universally, use different parameters of the products themselves and change the conditions for assigning "stickers".

1) For example, "New products" is a common case when new products are defined as products created within a certain interval from the current date. Go to the examples created by "today". To do this, use group editing of the module properties.

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2) "Sales Leaders". The module has a mechanism for calculating the "popularity of products by the number of created (or paid) orders". This mechanism records how many times you bought or paid for an item in the special properties of the same item.

Using the counting mechanism and the above-mentioned "group property editing" functionality, you can easily and very honestly mark the most popular products.

Of course, this is one of the solutions. In fact, using the collections filter, you can collect absolutely different parameters: "number of views", select the products of the desired brand as hits, and much more.

By analogy, you can make other "stickers". Using standard properties allows you to display them in a smart filter, use them in templates of components or other service tasks, if necessary.

II. Blocks of special products on various pages of the site.

The same properties will be used when implementing product blocks, i.e. the necessary products must be filtered by the necessary properties. For example, in the left or right sidebar, display 2-3 products marked "best price", or on the main page, display 3 blocks of slides with products "Recommended", "New products", "Product of the day"...

III. Create separate pages with a set of necessary products.

We recommend to implement the output of product collections on the basis of your catalog page, or rather, on the standard sections of the information block. The module "Product collections in sections" is more suitable for this purpose. It allows you to collect products in the sections of the information block according to all the conditions described above, and, unlike the above module, it has an even more powerful constructor for collecting collections.

A vivid example of use is the creation of sets of products with a discount. that is, there will be separate sections on the site, where only promotional offers are given.

The "product collections" module can be combined with "tools...", for example, creating a "promotional product"sticker. The principle is described above, we will give an example only of the screen:

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